Well the semester is coming together as we near the end of February. All of the campaigns are underway and in the midst of being planned and getting better with each day.

The selection process is finally over for new members and we have a great new member class who are ready to be a part of TSU GlobeMed. General members and new members had a great chance to get to know each other last week at our annual progressive dinner. Everyone put on their hipster-finest and strolled around Kirksville dining on great food throughout the night. Thanks to everyone that came and especially everyone that welcomed us to their house!

Planning for the Grow Trip is coming along as Margaret Loehning and her crew gets ready to head down to Haiti in May. They’re working on getting their passports, immunizations, and learning some Creole. Our small business campaign is also ongoing, as we have begun coffee sales that will take place every Wednesday morning in Magruder. We’ll also be selling grilled cheese throughout the semester at various places throughout Kirksville. Other campaign teams are also working hard to get things ready this semester, so stay tuned for more information soon!

World Day of Social Justice (WDSJ) was just celebrated on Monday by people all around the world! We celebrated WDSJ by shedding some light on social justice issues on campus. Several Truman faculty members engaged their classes in discussions regarding social justice topics on Monday in classes across all majors. We also went around campus asking students ‘what is the first step to achieving social justice?’. We received some great responses and have all the photos from the day on our Facebook page, so check it out. It was a great day to get the campus talking about global problems that they feel need to be addressed.

Other tidbits: new apparel is on its way so let Maxine or Justin know if you need a wardrobe upgrade with a new cardigan or want to add to your fanny pack collection with that must-have GlobeMed fanny. Also, shout out to Truman’s Rot Riders who are in a contest to receive a grant for their organization. Voting only takes a couple minutes and is greatly appreciated. Click here!

That’s pretty much all we have for now, stay tuned GlobeMed fans…


Ready or Not

Time to do it again. The first month back from winter break has been full of planning and getting ready for another semester here at Truman. The semester is already shaping up to be a great and busy one. It will certainly be hard to top last semester when we tore up Truman by shattering our goal of $5,00 and reaching $7,375 in three months. Whoa.

The fall semester was a strong one through and through and had the perfect cap of Rave to Save which hauled in monstrous profits for MN. The individual campaign was also a huge help as we raised $3,706 by individual fundraising. Lets keep it going this semester!

As far as new business goes, the 2012 Global Health Summit will be April 12 – 14 on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. The final deadline to apply is February 6th so get your application in now to be a part of this amazing conference.

We also received great news from Dr. Betsy Wickstrom’s hospital, that they will be pledging $25,000 a year for the next four years! This will be a HUGE boost for MN and the community at large.

We’re currently in the process of meeting potential new members and creating a new member class for the spring semester. So let Sarah or Amy know if you’re interested in being a mentor or helping out with the new member class. We will also be having chapter elections on April 5th so start thinking about joining exec next year if you’re interested.

We also decided on all the campaigns we will be having this semester, we have a great mix of new and old events for everyone to get excited about.
Last meeting we heard from GlobeMed member Nick Presley, as he discussed his past internship in South America. We also set the date for the progressive dinner on February 16th (Ellen, get your guacahummus ready).

Congrats! You’re up to date. Get ready for yet another great semester!!

Rockin’ Around the Aquadome

Ho-ho-ho-holy cow we most definitely ended the fall semester with a bang here at Truman State! The “Rave to Save” rave at the Aquadome was a HUGE success with over 450 people attending the all-night party on Reading Day Eve. Aquadome was glowing and raging with people until the wee hours of the morning with donations for MN mounting throughout the night. The rave was not only a huge financial success but also a great way for GlobeMed to get our name out on campus. Guests spent the night drinking from endless cups of Boulevard and dancing to all of Kirksville’s favorite DJs.
(Check out this video from the rave courtesy of Ryan Jennings!)

A big thanks to everyone that made it out to the rave and everyone that spent the semester planning it. Also, a BIG thanks to Brian O’Shaughnessy, Ryan Jennings, Hannah Copeland and Brinnswift for filling all corners of the Aquadome with beats for Haitian babies and mamas.

Also, anyone interested in our amazing grow trip to Haiti in May, applications are due January 12th (the week we get back!) so talk to Margaret Loehnig if you’re interested!

Thanks to all members and to EVERYONE that came to our events this semester and for making this fall such a huge success. We certainly set the bar high this semester but we’re ready to go big again in the spring. Happy holidays everyone!

Have a great break TSU GlobeMed, you deserved it!!!

Dinner With Benefits

Well things are certainly busy here at Truman State as we finish up our final week of classes and get ready for finals. Last week we had our annual benefit dinner at the BSU. The theme was “A Haitian Celebration” and as per usual, the event was a great success. We had a mix of students, professors, parents, brothers and sisters all in attendance for the lovely evening last Saturday night. We had the great privilege of having Dr. Betsy Wickstrom from MN as our guest of honor who gave a great speech about MN, the great need of medical attention in Haiti, and the GlobeMed network. It was great to hear from her and get a new perspective on just how important our work is. Sarah Endres and Amee Amin from Nationals also made it to the dinner to experience all things TSU GlobeMed.

The evening also featured a host of items up for silent auction to benefit MN. From homemade wine to a gourmet dinner prepared by our own co-presidents, Betsy and Summer, the auction had it all and raised a good amount for MN. In all, it was a great evening for everyone to get together and really learn about our impact in Haiti.

It’s been quite a busy week here at Truman, on Monday we sold “I ♥ Haitian Babies” t-shirts for donations to MN. And on Tuesday, Maison de Naissance was featured on Philanthroper.com and received over $1000 worth of donations! Thanks to everyone that supported MN and the great organization of Philantroper.com. Also, Margaret Loehnig was chosen as our Grow Trip coordinator for the upcoming trip so let Margaret know if you’re interested in joining.

And finally, we’re all gearing up for “Rave to Save” our rave on Reading Day Eve (December 13th) at the Aquadome. It is sure to be just the kind of all-night rager finals-stressed students will need, so tell your friends! It costs $5 to get in and that gets you all you can drink Boulevard, so get excited!!

Classy weekend was last week, time to rage TSU GlobeMed.

Perfect Day for a Harvest

Our annual Fall Harvest was last Friday and was yet another roaring success as we raised over $800 to buy batteries for solar panels for MN. The amazingly gorgeous fall day was perfect for Harvest and made the event all the more enjoyable. We had a good amount of people stop by for a bowl of endless chili and cider throughout the day and listen to Dandelion’s Roar play on the quad.

In other news, our benefit dinner, “A Haitian Holiday”, is right around the corner on December 3 from 6:30 to 9 at the BSU. Tickets are $20 for GlobeMed members and $30 for general guests. Make sure to let all your professors know about the dinner and tried to get them to come out and support GlobeMed. The benefit dinner committee is also looking for items to auction in the silent auction so please let them know if you have anything to donate. Anything is appreciated! Also, send Abby any pictures you may have from past GlobeMed events that she could use in the slideshow for the dinner.

Thanks again to everyone that helped out and made Harvest a success. And a special thanks to Costa Rica Coffee Co. who donated coffee for our event!

Check out some more pics from Fall Harvest:

Fall Harvest Tomorrow!

Just a reminder for everyone to come out and support MN tomorrow at the Fall Harvest! We will be on the quad from 10:30 to 2:30 serving chili and hot drinks throughout the day. It’s only $5 for a bowl of endless chili and a desert. We will also be serving hot cider and cocoa as well as coffee from Costa Rican Café. There will also be a live band performing throughout the afternoon. So bring your friends and stop by for some great food, great music and a great cause tomorrow on the quad!!!

Falling Into Place

Happy Halloween!!

Somehow it is already the end of the month as time continues to fly by here at Truman State. We’ve been busy since the last update as our various campaigns start to come together.

A couple weeks ago the GHU team gave a great overview about global health that not only helped new members get a foundation about overall global health but also get all members talking about what our mission at GlobeMed truly means. Thanks to the GHU team for their presentation!

We also discussed the Grow Trip to Haiti in May. The details of the trip are still being worked out but applications will be available soon, so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

Last week we took a break from the regular meeting on campus and took advantage of the unseasonably warm October weather and had a bonfire at Rainbow Basin. It was great way to enjoy the fall weather and get in some solid bonding time over s’mores.

We’re also moving right along with our various campaigns of the semester. Our annual Fall Harvest is set for November 11th from 11 to 2 on the quad. We’ll be serving chili and other kinds of treats to help reach our goal of supplying MN with funding for solar panels.

Our benefit dinner is also well on its way and set for December 3rd at the Baptist Student Union. Attendees will be treated to yet another great speaker, as Betsy Wickstrom will join us from MN!

That brings you up-to-date of things going on at Truman. Until next time…

Mid-term Recap

Well the first half of the semester has certainly flown by here at Truman State University as we gear up for what should be a great second half of GlobeMed fun. Our new members are learning the ropes and continue to come to general meetings and events filled with enthusiasm and interest. We also kicked off our mentor program last week with a meet-and-greet with all the new members and mentors. All new members are paired up with an older member to help guide them through their first year of GlobeMed and get them excited and involved with the chapter. Our new members seem excited as ever to be a part of our chapter and seem to be fitting in perfectly.

We’ve decided the events and projects that we’ll undertake this semester and are well on our way to having another great year for MN and teaching the people of Truman State and our surrounding community about global health. Our funding project for MN this year is to provide financial support for batteries to power the clinic at night. Currently, the birthing clinic in Haiti has inferior lighting and can only get two to three hours of power at night before they have to use an expensive diesel generator. Providing these batteries will greatly help Maison de Naissance by providing them adequate utilities so they can help the women of the community.

We have had some great meetings this semester with some really interesting GHUs and guest speakers. Last week we were treated to an awesome opportunity to Skype with Kyra, a worker at MN in Haiti. We had the chance to pick her brain about her profession, the advantages and challenges of her job, and what life is like at MN.

We also had our annual staff retreat last Sunday at Thousand Hills State Park; it was not only a great afternoon to enjoy each other and the beautiful weather but also gave us a chance to talk about our mission as members of GlobeMed.

We’re looking forward for what is sure to be yet another great semester of GlobeMed at Truman State!

New political actors.

For such expressions to consolidate into mass social movements and to take the form of publicly visible political actors requires certain catalysts that turn transgressors into resisters and isolated acts of deviance into organised action. This is not simply the “spirals of resistance” or discourse and “reverse discourse” that Foucault described but a more complex process in which the rise of social movements comes in waves that build on one another. Movements for national liberation, civil rights, and racial justice in the 1950s and 60s inspired women’s and gay and lesbian movements in the 1970s and 80s, and in turn these gave rise to a proliferation of protest voices from groups never before named or self-identified in public arenas of dissent…My contention is that, due to a confluence of factors during the 1980s and 1990s–The HIV/AIDS epidemic, the Internet and other vehicles of globalisation, the UN conferences as a normative context, and the globalisation of human rights as a popular discourse–these voices not only became social movements in their own right but also took on a much great global visibility than they had ever had before.
– from “Rights of the body and perversion of war: sexual rights and wrongs ten years past Beijing” by Rosalind P. Petchesky

“Why I’m Here.” Ellen Herrmann.

Hi, I’m Ellen. I’m a junior here. I’m a psychology and Spanish major and I have a statistical methods minor, which might not be staying…I want to pursue a degree in counseling or potentially counseling psychology. And I hope to spend at least some of my time working with immigrant populations with my Spanish major.
When Summer asked me to say why I’m in GlobeMed I came up with four reasons pretty much immediately. The first is FRIENDS. I joined GlobeMed my freshman spring when I was kind of floundering, I hadn’t really joined anything. I knew Summer really well and she loved it so I joined, didn’t know a lot about global health. But what I found was a nurturing and fun and really friendly group and I instantly loved it. I made a lot of really great friends and I’m still making them.
The second thing is FUN. Because GlobeMed members not only know how to save the world but we also know how to have a good time, and our social events are really awesome. And our campaigns are also really fun…they don’t have to be social events to be entertaining.
I’ve also learned a lot from my three semesters in GlobeMed. I didn’t know, like I said, that much about global health when I first joined. But I was always kind of interested in it and I think I learn as much in a semester in GlobeMed as I do in a class each semester. So that’s pretty cool. And now I think that I’m a lot more informed about some of the problems that we face in this world. Even though I don’t think I will ever work for a not-for-profit or NGO, I think since I’ll be working with immigrant populations who have definitely experienced some of these or know someone whose experienced them, that will just help me be a little more prepared in my professional career.
Finally, another thing I love about GlobeMed is that you can directly see the results of your hard work. Because the great thing about having a partnership in Haiti is that you know exactly where and what your money is going to, and what all of your hard work is for. We spend so much time planning and perfecting and executing everything and it’s just great to know why. We’re not just flying into a country and dropping off a check. We’re actually giving it to people who can take it and use it to develop the tools they need to improve their lives. We’re not just directly giving them food and giving them clothes. We are going in and building these grassroots relationships, grassroots…from the ground up…so they can help themselves.